Rug Care and Cleaning: Expert Tips For Durability by CarpetMaestros

Carpet is one of the most commonly purchased flooring materials. Since carpets usually have a long lifespan, you need to take care of them and maintain it properly to ensure their overall durability. This blog will provide you with expert tips on how you can bring the best out of your carpets and make them last much longer.


It is best to use Canister vacuums without beater bars for rugs.
Alternatively, you can gently clean the carpet with brooms and manual sweepers.
Use the handheld attachment of a vacuum to clean the carpet.
If you cannot turn off the beater bar, set it to the highest setting before vacuuming.
Ensure that vacuum does not run over the edges of the rug(s). Use a handheld attachment and carefully vacuum along the sides.
Reversible rugs need to be vacuumed from both sides.

Cleaning Spills

Clean the rug as soon as something spills. The longer you wait, the harder it is to clean.
Use dull instruments to take food or debris off the rug.
Use a clean paper towel or cotton cloth to blot the spill.
Start the cleaning from the outer edge to the center. It will help prevent spreading.
Do not rub a spill. Rubbing a fall will make it invade more profound into the rug.
If there is residual staining, quickly dampen a cotton cloth or clean paper towel. Absorb the moisture on the rug with it.
Important: Do not clean Viscose or Tencel rugs with water or liquid.

Professional Cleaning

Handmade rugs and wall-to-wall carpets are cleaned with varying methods. Choose a professional rug cleaner to ensure the durability of the carpet.
Before getting clean, inspect the rug thoroughly.
Let the cleaner hand over the signed receipt of work.
Cleaners are responsible if the damage to the rug is worsened.

Here are some secondary considerations depending on specific rug construction, types, or materials.

Outdoor Rug Care

Outdoor rugs must be regularly clean and stored in a dust-free environment when not in use.
Outdoor rugs can quickly fade away if kept in sunlight.
Although it is best to store the rug in the shade, you can cover the rug with a canopy if the carpet is kept outdoors.
There are high chances of rapid deterioration or molding if a rug is kept in rainy or humid weather outdoors.
You can hang the rug over a railing in sunlight if it catches rain or humidity.
Damage happening due to negligence of rug owner to outdoor safe products are not considered defective.

Special care based on construction

Hand-knotted rugs: Such rugs are high valued and must be cleaned attentively.
Handwoven (flat weave): Both sides of such rugs must be regularly clean to prevent premature wearing.
Handwoven (shag/texture): Such carpets must be cleaned with extra caution. They can also be taken out to shake the dirt.

Special care based on material

Wool/NZ Wool: Stains can be easily removed by using a cotton cloth after mixing some dish soap with cold water. You must regularly vacuum such rugs to reduce shedding.
Polypropylene/Olefin/Polyolefin/Polyester/Acrylic/Poly Acrylic/Nylon: Clean the stains with dish soap and cold water.
Jute/Seagrass/Sisal: Clean the rug by vacuuming regularly.
Viscose/Tencel: Never clean such rugs with liquid, including water.