Vintage Rugs: Color And Pattern Selection

You’ve probably come to the realisation that there are countless colour and pattern options while shopping for the ideal vintage rug. Trying to select what will fit in your space best might be overwhelming. Carpet MaestrosĀ  has a wide collection of vintage rugs that combine amazing history with exquisite design. In this article, we’ll look at some of the ways you may use the colour and pattern of vintage rugs to give your home a distinctive appearance.

There are a few factors to consider when it comes to colour. Consider your space’s general colour scheme first. Compared to their modern equivalents, vintage carpets frequently have a softer, more subdued colour scheme. This may be a fantastic way to spice up a space without overpowering it. Choosing a rug with a simpler design can be the ideal method to ground the area and tie everything together if your space is already filled with vibrant color(s).

Naturally, not all vintage rugs are subdued. Rugs with more vivid hues and striking designs are also available. Turkish rugs are distinguished by their vivid hues. A vintage Turkish rug is a terrific way to make a statement if you want to.

When selecting a vintage rug, pattern is a crucial factor as well. Consider the atmosphere of your room once more. Look for a rug with a straightforward pattern or one with a lot of negative space if you want something more subdued. Choosing a more daring style? Pick a rug with an intricate design or an eye-catching colour scheme.

Additionally, you can employ patterns to make a focal point in your room. For instance, if your space is big, you might want to pick a rug with a stronger pattern that can serve as an anchor for your furniture. Alternatively, if your space is limited, you could want to choose something with a more complex design that will provide interest without overwhelming the room.

Whatever your interior design aesthetic, there is a vintage hand knotted rug out there that is ideal for you. Please get in touch with us so we can help you if you’re just not sure what will work best in your house. We’re glad to assist!