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Explore Carpet Maestros’’ new arrivals for a wonderful selection of contemporary carpets and modern design rugs for your house. Awe-inspiring art elicits strong emotions, delights the senses, and engages the mind. Visual judgments made by makers of timeless artworks have the capacity to affect our environment and influence our worldview through shape, content, and imagination. Contemporary rug design, like sculpting, painting, and other forms of artistic endeavour, necessitates exceptional craftsmanship, a passionate vision, and inventive applications of textures, patterns, and harmonious colours. Contemporary rugs enchant, inspire, and speak to our fundamental yearning for symmetrical beauty in our lives. Hundreds of innovative artists are behind our range of contemporary rugs, driven by discipline, insight into the human condition, and a deep understanding of the art of weaving.

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When you peruse our online collection of modern rugs and contemporary carpets, you will see that, aside from the expertise required to create such unforgettable pieces of art, each rug possesses the ability to act as an uniting member of whatever room it fills. More than just “art you can walk on,” the carpets we provide our customers give empty spaces structure, colour, balance, and a unique ambiance that your heart and soul will love. Aesthetically pleasing and useful, contemporary rugs found only at Carpet Maestros will enrich any setting by infusing it with a strong feeling of the past and the intriguing cultures that gave birth to Earth’s materials.

Rug styles have evolved tremendously during the last few decades. Although traditional designs continue to be popular, contemporary rug designs now integrate hints of modern art movements with long-established layouts, colour schemes, and identifiable motifs. Transitional contemporary rugs are adorned with varied mixtures of styles and designs unique to regional artists.

Fine contemporary carpets, renowned for their legacy, quality, and incomparable beauty, add elegance, grace, and infinitely attractive style to today’s wide range of décors. Moroccan area rugs, for example, are woven with natural sheep wool and ornamented with perfectly realised, modern motifs in our online contemporary rugs selection. Moroccan rugs are the ideal complement to settings with genuine leather furniture, cultural art pieces, and a sense of class and sophistication. We also have pastel coloured modern style Oushak rugs in a variety of sizes and designs. Are you looking for the perfect rug for your bedroom, living room, or dining room?

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Plush, prismatic modern oriental rugs are highly sought after by collectors, celebrities, famous interior designers, and affluent business people. Carpet Maestros continues to attract and keep thousands of customers who have found what we have to offer and are overjoyed to finally be able to buy contemporary rugs online. We have exactly what you are looking for: contemporary oriental rugs that capture, thrill, and revitalise your feeling of eternal creativity, imagination, and beauty.

In India, we are the primary source for rare vintage, antique, and new contemporary carpets. Send an email to for any further queries or to speak with a member of our skilled team of experts who will be pleased to help you navigate the fascinating world of contemporary and modern style carpets.