Gone are the days when you hopped around tens of shops to select a rug for your home. With online stores, you can buy mats within minutes. But, as online stores are gaining popularity, the scams are too. Here are top three tips by Carpetmaestros, the best online rug store in India, to not fall into an online scam when you are shopping for quality rugs at a great price online:

How To Shop For Quality Rugs At A Great Price Online

  1. Find reliable websites: Rugs are available at various websites across the internet, but are they all genuine and authentic? It is a question that should first strike your mind when shopping for quality rugs online. Many websites claim to have high-quality rugs, but they scam you with a cheap copy of the carpet shown on their website. It is why you should find a reliable website and go through their about us, contact us, location, etc. As a customer, you should always see one such factor: the return and replacement policy. Going through such procedures will give you ample knowledge about the website.
  2. Go through product details: Once you have selected a reliable and authentic website, for example, Carpetmaestros.com, you should understand the category of carpets. Not all rugs are made identical. Every rug has unique characteristics, print, design, and fabric. For example, kids’ rugs are softer than hall rugs. You should go through the product details to find out about the material, design, print, colors, etc. Once you are satisfied with your choice, the last thing you should see is a warranty and maintenance.
  3. Look for warranty and maintenance: A carpet is not a home product you will replace now and then. It becomes essential to check the warranty and maintenance guide. A longer warranty duration will give a sense of relief to your mind about the carpet’s replacement or repair. The maintenance guide will tell you the basics of keeping your rug in the best condition possible. Following the tips and tricks mentioned in the maintenance, the guide can not only save your carpet from accidental wear and tear but can also save your hard-earned money.