Within the textile sector, carpet and rugs extorted control of over $51.9 billion in future growth. They exhibit encouraging growth, with 4.6 percent investments made almost year inside the sector. Such information can indicate the speed at which this dynamic sector is developing.

Rugs and carpets have been used for a very long time. They have entered the demand and supply chains now, whereas a few decades ago they were just a symbol of luxury. Due to a lack of technology, all carpets had to be hand-woven and hand-stitched in older times. Nevertheless, it is now simpler to mass-produce carpets and hand-tufted custom rugs thanks to the spread of technology. Currently, a number of businesses specialize in these domains.

What is hand tufting?

The process of tufting originates from the USA, where early settlers used this technique to produce warm clothing such as bed covers. During tufting, which requires enormous manual labor, a voluminous and soft pile of yarn is inserted into a base material with a sewing needle. This technique was consequently developed industrially to such an extent that tufting now represents one of the most important processes in carpet production.

How are Hand Tufted Custom Rugs Made?

Tufting guns are used in the construction of hand-tufted bespoke rugs. Wool and cotton are the most popular fabrics, despite the fact that various materials could be tufted. The tufting guns fire yarns into the backing canvas of the rug, where they are moved around to trace a specific pattern. The carpet’s backing is where the fringes and tufts are stitched. As a result, the mosaic’s only one side is designed. After that, the strands are either chopped or shaved to create heaps.

Once the design has been finished and all the yarns are secure, the second piece of fabric the same shade as the backing fabric is glued to the back with latex adhesive.

Benefits of Hand Tufted Rugs

  • Colors – Another great advantage of tufted carpet is that its made in plenty of colors. Match your flooring with the walls or the curtains. You can choose the color that decorates your room more beautiful.
  • Pads are not required– The back of the rug’s latex takes the shape of rubber and serves as a pad. Because the rubber prevents the rug from slipping, a rug pad is not necessary.
  • Shapes and Sizes– Small and very big sizes are also available for hand-tufted rugs. Additionally, these carpets are available in a variety of shapes, including square, round, and triangular triangles, as well as animal and bird designs. Call Faisal International if you’re looking for a custom hand-tufted rug.

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