The middles ages have seen families passing on intrinsic and valuable skills or items such as jewellery, carpets, or art skills down the generations. India was no exception in that. Many families still follow it, which is why the centuries-old skills result in some of the most beautiful carpets used in the country and exported worldwide. If you are on the hunt for a handmade rug from Bhadohi, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Handmade Rug


  1. Choose the appropriate fit: Buying a carpet in a hurry will not make it as valuable as it should be. People forget about the room dimensions when they are off to buy a rug. As a buyer, you should carefully select and measure the room where you want to put the carpet. Measuring the room will give you a headstart in picking up the perfect design, color, and size of the carpet.
  2. Examine the carpet: As carpet is a luxury home décor product, it should be checked thoroughly. Falling into the sweet talks of a salesman and not examining the carpet yourself will be a big regret later. You should know the fabric of the carpet you are choosing. A high-quality carpet will outlast every other décor item in your house.
  3. Feel the foundation: the secret of a long-lasting carpet is its foundation. The base of the carpet should have ideal padding and must be heavy. Any high-quality carpet requires a rich foundation to rest. Otherwise, it will be more prone to daily wear and tear.
  4. Check the certifications: All high-quality hand-woven carpets come with some credentials. The certificates prove the authenticity of the rug and where it was made. Ask the supplier or salesperson about the certifications after you have shortlisted the carpets. Not just authenticity, the certificates also ensure the ethical making of the rug.
  5. Warranty and Maintenance: Consider the carpet like your children. It needs maintenance now and then. If you choose a carpet without reading the warranty and maintenance instructions, you will make the rug open to damage sooner. Appropriate care will increase the lifetime of your carpet by many folds.


We understand that some parameters can skip your mind while purchasing the carpet from Bhadohi, so we at keep the checklist updated and provide you with a high-quality carpet that passes all the benchmarks. Contact us to learn more about our rugs.