A hand-tufted is a piece of art that brings with it an alluring and captivating look and feel to your home. It possesses all of the texture, warmth, and durability that come from human hands weaving together fibers. Find out why these stunning, long-lasting rugs deserve to grace your floors for the ensuing decade or two.

Look and Feel

Do you desire luxurious, plush density? It is humbly presented to you by a hand-tufted weave composed of natural wool. Such rugs were sheared to promote cozy intimacy. Hand-tufted rug allows you to enjoy a brilliantly vibrant design while maintaining a smooth, relaxing background since wool is very absorbent of deep, natural dyes. The coziness and lovability of a hand-tufted rug may soothe any classic setting. This rug is highly textured, making it a natural fit for eclectic tastes.

Durability and Maintenance

This kind of rug holds up well in most environments because of the durability of natural wool. A sturdy hand-tufted rug can endure for several years with careful care. These rugs are inexpensive, making it simple to switch them out in rooms intended for families because wool stains can be removed with just a simple blotting motion. Just be careful not to oversaturate the fiber of your rug because that can destroy the backing.

Also, hand tufted rugs are the best to enhance your house décor as they are durable and at the same time do not require such high maintenance.

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Carpet Maestros is a one-place store to cater to your home décor needs. We want to work towards curating the best catalog for you. Our rugs are made of Biscayne yarn, which enhances the softness, and makes the fiber of yarn resilient and durable. You can get your hands on our collection by shopping online through our website.