The Best Rugs For Compact Rooms And Apartments

“To give the sense of larger space, rugs can be employed as an illusionary decor tool to enhance the appearance of a small space.“

To maintain as much of an open, airy sense as possible while establishing zones in tiny rooms can be difficult. We have recently been inspired to provide our best advice on utilising oriental carpets to decorate a small house or flat after adding some incredibly beautiful rugs to our collection. Today’s suggestions are for anyone who is enjoying living in compact places, such as apartments, tiny homes, and compact, open-concept minimalist lofts.

Rugs With Geometric Patterns: How To Benefit From Them

It’s possible that colour comes to mind first when you’re trying to distinguish between two areas in your house or apartment. It might be simple to add rugs in opposing colours to divide an area into zones, but sticking to your set colour palette may help you achieve this difference while maintaining the openness of the room.

Use Large Rugs To Define Your Space

Consider selecting a piece like this large area rug if you need to divide the living room from your adjacent dining or kitchen space. Your living room will feel like a separate, put-together area right away if you place a rug that takes up virtually the entire space.

Rugs In Distress – Design With Boldness And Intention

An intricately patterned hand knotted rug with depth and texture adds warmth and the sensation of purposefully making this area your own in an industrial or urban apartment or loft. Our Distressed Rug Collection is ready to dazzle thanks to the striking design, time-softened colours, and just the right amount of age wear. In order to outfit many of the Proper Hotels, Kelly Wearstler used a number of antique Turkish carpets from our Rug Collection.

Use Your Imagination And Place A Diagonal Rug.

Although we previously mentioned the usage of larger rugs to establish zones, you may also try placing the rug diagonally. Put a statement chair on it at the same angle to the walls as you did when you placed it. You can create a captivating and attractive location to spend your workday evenings by adding your current book (the heavier the better), a lamp, and a plant on staggered drum or log side tables.

Carpets from all over the world, produced by hand, are included in Carpet Maestros’ collection of rugs. Please get in touch with us for more advice on finding the ideal piece for your compact area.