The propensity of rugs is so unique that it amazes us every time it fits perfectly in a room. Rugs add a certain sense of style and will help to indulge your home in a luminous and scintillating atmosphere. There are rugs for any budget, from the least expensive synthetic ones, which are machine woven, to the most delicate hand woven ones, which are knotted silk and chenille. Our carpets are curated under Biscayne Collection. All of the fiber in Biscayne yarn is hand-made to ensure that it is consistently soft and strong, giving each strand of yarn a different identity. Let us explore our top five bestsellers that you can shop from to give your home a classy yet subtle look.

A Guide to Curated Best Sellers at Carpet Maestros



  1. Hand Tufted Rugs – This kind of carpet in the industry have a cutting-edge, extravagant, and imaginative appeal. Wool is the material utilized, and it is created in part by hand and in part by machine. A hand-tufted carpet starts its journey as a canvas stretched on a frame, a tufting tool is used to punch strands of yarn into the canvas with the design traced on it.
  1. Kids Rugs– Our kid-sized rugs are made to be cozy under your kids’ feet as well as to facilitate learning and fun. These rugs keep your child’s flooring warm while being visually appealing, bright, and made of materials that are soft and kind to their skin.


  1. Hand Knotted Rugs– Hand-knotted rugs integrate current designs with the sustenance of communities. We bring weaver’s art directly to homes and deliver not just a carpet but the blessings of a family. 


  1. Millenium Rugs– A wonderful way to give your home charm and personality is with Millennium rugs. They are a workable option to maintain warm and clean flooring. These carpets are a wonderful way to give any space in your house a personal approach because there are so many numerous varieties and styles to pick from. They can inject a little color and style into any room. They are also a versatile technique to customize you’re yours.


  1. Moroccan RugsMoroccan rugs also known as Amazigh or Berber rugs—are renowned for their exquisite asymmetry. Generally made of wool, they are adored for their vivacity and feature abstract, vibrant motifs. These rugs are aesthetically pleasing as they create an illusion of both vintage and modern art.