Handwoven kilims are flat carpets that combine the warp and weft strands with laying as flatly as possible. The primary characteristic that sets these carpets apart is their flat weave. Wool and silk are typically used in conjunction to create kilims since they are both organic and most likely what the local weaver has on hand. Here are the top 10 must-have kilim for your home:

  1. SK2173: Our contemporary hand-knotted indoor kilim features a dreamy, rich, and delicate design with an eastern influence. The garden-themed structure is depicted in a calming color scheme of black and red.
  2. SK1232: This beautiful kilim is eye-catching due to its unique pattern. The meticulously crafted Damask carpet adores the design with blue and golden hues that draw inspiration from ancient times but stay relevant to the present day too.
  3. SK19605: People who enjoy fusing the past and the present are sure to fall in love with this first look. Handwoven with natural indigo and golden hues, this carpet has a lovely floral design that enriches its beauty and luxury.
  4. SK1308: This piece’s color scheme is made mainly of colder, darker colors of brown and black. The color scheme is enlivened by the design in the middle. The entire rug is nothing less than a show of luxury and aesthetics.
  5. SK1068: The elegant and fashionable light-coloured kilim is a must-have for every home. It is a modern-day indoor rug with an abstract design made of white and cream. It will become the centrepiece of your home that every guest will admire.
  6. SK23080: With the utilization of top-notch techniques passed down by generations, this kilim can beautify your home with its abstract white designs. The multicoloured blue-focus base makes it pleasing not just to the feet but also to the eyes.
  7. SK108: The black colored elephant kilim is the perfect gift for your kids on their birthday. The sophisticated design, fabric, and texture will excite your kid more.
  8. SK112: Get this exact replica of leopard face and surprise your kids like never before. The soft hues of white, red, and pink make the carpet alluring, and its soft fabric makes it safer for kids to play, run and dance over it.
  9. SK1010: Confuse the guests between painting and carpet with our luxurious millennium kilim. The high-quality millennium carpet is made with natural silk to give it an ultrasoft texture. And it looks like Picasso himself made it!
  10. SK21957: This unique millennium kilim is expertly hand-crafted from bamboo silk and wool using traditional skills and methods. This meticulous construction makes it distinctive and ready to amplify the design of your house.