Carpet Maestros

Shalini Kreation is a revolutionary Indian company that has made its mark in the carpet industry. Managed by Neha Banarwal and Abhishek Banarwal, we are a family of the world’s finest artisans, employees, suppliers, buyers, and partners.

Following the motto of making in India, making for the world, we have our roots grounded in the Bhadohi district Banaras(Varanasi), and our wings spread all over the globe.

We have successfully revolutionized the whole carpet industry by developing a unique business model that deals directly with the artisans. With more than 100 highly skilled artisans under our umbrella currently, we aim to provide a sustainable livelihood and dignified life to every artisan in the world.

Running on the principles of compassion, modesty, rectitude, shared wisdom, and humility, we are a company that has a CSR policy and are Amfori BSCI certified.

We aim to supply inimitable and exquisite carpet designs to our customers by developing a perfect blend of Indian skills and modern business techniques.

The journey of Shalini

kreations depict that the decor of a house can radiate immense positivity to the people residing in the house and to every other person who gets in touch with it.
We create the rugs and carpets with high-quality designs and traditional stitching procedures to integrate the thread of custom, elegance, and excellent quality.
Each piece has its unique identification given by excellent and skilled craftsmen, artisans, & other teammates.

Along with the production of world-class carpets and rugs, the company also provides additional services for shipping across the local states, including overcoming the restrictions of the nations’ boundaries.

That’s why we keep keen observations at each stage of processing of carpets to ensure their quality, analyze them properly to resolve associated issues, and deliver excellent quality to our ultimate customers.

We also assist our customers in creating an exclusive design by turning their imagination into reality. You can provide your plan, and our artisan takes charge to let you realize your lively imaginations crafted into your carpets.
The team tries to initially resonate with the idea and decide on a skillful, practical approach to making our customers realize their dream.

Therefore, I invite you to witness the signature range of oriental rugs and finest carpets. You will love them the way they are crafted.